Spotless Starling

Dear all,

Last weekend I saw the pictures of the Dutch Spotless Starling on the internet. I'am pretty sure the Dutch bird is a Spotless Starling from the subspeci orani. For this moment we are preparing a paper about the discription of this new subspeci. We discovered this new subspeci of Spotless Starling (called orani) last year. This new subspeci is found in the northwest-area of Morocco.

The orani-birds are migrationbirds in Autumn (to the southwest) and Spring. The orani-birds have also in winter a yellow bill and always a lot of spots on all parts of its feathers, like the Dutch bird. I have a lot of pictures of this subspeci, but for this moment I have no possibility to send the pictures of this orani-birds, because I do a lot of fieldwork now. Later moreā€¦

Chears, Omar Ben Alliht, former inhabitant of Katwijk